Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, how can we help you?

How do I get maintenance support for my website?

To get your website maintenance support with Crescent you need to sign up for maintenance plan. Click this link for the plans we offer.

How do I write a ticket?

To get a ticket you need to fill out a form in this link

I don't want to fill out the form, can I just use email?

In order for us to provide you the best service, we want to make sure everything is received correctly. We apologize we but cannot process any request unless the form is filled out

How long do I get website maintenance?

You will get a website maintenance for 30 days.

How many tickets do I get each month?

The number of tickets per month depends on your maintenance plan. Please refer to your subscription or check this link to see the list of our subscription.

How many days do I have?

Each maintenance plan we offer expires after 30 days